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Our Services

We perform EU verification procedures for railways

The business concept of Vanaheim AB is to perform certification, assessment and risk management of railway infrastructure.
Vanaheim AB also offers project- and management support for decision making for national bodies and entities, municipalities, regions and companies in Europe.

Our high quality output is ensured by methodical and systematic working processes. And of course by our highly qualified staff having a unique knowledge of railways and a unique knowledge of the manufacturing and construction of railway infrastructure.

Vanaheim AB offers the customer TSI certification in the field of infrastructure, energy, command control and signalling for both high speed and conventional rail systems.

Vanaheim AB provides a complete spectrum of services for the customer.

Vanaheim AB is the only Swedish owned Notified body in railways, notified 21 December 2006 by SWEDAC as NB 1807.

Notified Body

Our mission is to check that all subsystems and components of the European Union rail system complies with the EU directives and the technical specifications for interoperability, the TSIs.