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Our business is fully funded by the fees/ remuneration we charge for our services. The fee/ remuneration is determined depending on the scope of our services in the respective assignments. We do not provide or give kickbacks, sponsorship or contributions from anyone.
Vanaheim makes the following demands on the independence and impartiality of its employees:
  • Vanaheim must not in performing the inspection work, either directly or as agent, perform any activity that may conflict with the independence requirements for the assessment and the requirements of integrity in terms of control.
  • The person carrying out the inspection work, shall not, directly or as authorized representatives in the design, manufacture, construction, marketing or maintenance of the interoperability constituents or subsystems or in their use.
  • The staff responsible for inspection must carry out their duties with the highest degree of professional integrity and technical competence and must be free from all pressures and inducements, particularly financial, which might influence their judgment or the results of their inspection, especially from persons or groups of persons with an interest in the results of the verification.