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Vanaheim AB acts as independent safety assessor and performs risk analysis in accordance with the Common Safety Methods.

Commission Regulation EU No 402/2013, the regulation on a common safety method (CSM) for risk evaluation and assessment for railway industry, mandates a harmonized process for risk evaluation and assessment to ensure maintaining safety levels and if reasonably practicable, improved in railway projects.
Vanaheim AB performs, on behalf of clients, these assessments of substantial amendments and its acceptance by means of the principles that regulation describes; the application of codes of practice, a comparison with similar parts of the railway system, an explicit risk estimation.
Vanaheim AB is accredited by SWEDAC as an independent assessor.
As an independent assessment body Vanaheim AB can carry out any risk assessment based on the proposer's evidences to determine whether the proposed changes will affect the system which should meet safety requirements in the railway projects.
Vanaheim will guide and assist you in your project!  Well-established business frameworks along with professional experts with long experience in railway projects lead a good reputation for Vanaheim over Nordic countries. These unique advantages at Vanaheim assure our clients to choose Vanaheim as a Safe and Best choice particularly for their projects in the Nordic countries. 
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